By promoting products of others you can earn commissions

Blogging – If you enjoy writing then is for you. If you think you can write better on various topics but you haven’t written or you have written but you never thought of publishing it, then you can try this. No additional technical skills are required to blog. Yes, you definitely should have the ability to write well. If you write good visitors who view your blog will increase in the number. By making big following you can attract advertisers. By promoting products of others you can earn commissions.

Business Writing -If you do not have much time to maintain a blog, but you want to continue your hobby of writing, then you can write on other people blogs and websites. You can also write on free blog sites Helium, Squidoo and HubPages that share advertising revenue with the blog owners. Writing e-books is another good option. E-books do not require any investment to start. There is no cost of printing and shipping. If you have a good command on language you can work as a copy editor, for this webmasters can pay you a handsome amount.

E-Tution – There is a lot of demand for tutors and is increasing rapidly. So if you have the will to educate others, then e-teaching can turn out to be a money making ticket for you. For this you should have expertise in the related subject and you should have time to work 3-4 Hours every week. Tutor vista, e-tutor, smart thinking, and are few sites where you can get registered. If you can make a good image as a coach, then you can also organise an online webinar. College and university student pay to visit good webinars. For this you should have Specialization required for the courses you teach and you should have few spare hours a week

Freelancing For Professionals – Freelancing is a great option for Professionals, for those who are well aware of their particular trade and know how to satisfy there customer. There are several freelancing and project outsourcing sites that help the companies to get their project completed. Small business offers, ideas and proposals are given to choose from and buy what ever buyer thinks is appropriate. Elance type of websites offer various services like writing, programming designing, data entry while RentaCoder focuses on programming related projects.

GPT Programs – GPT means get paid to sites. It is becoming very popular among the teens. You can signup at free websites and can earn money for reading emails, taking surveys, Writing newsletters, joining sites, promoting sites, posting on blogs and playing online games. This is for those who do not have any special skill but are interested in making money. Online surveys are very easy. Select a right paid surveys site and answer questionnaires. There is variety of topics from shopping to politics even if they do not have to do anything with your life, it can give you pocket money. GetPaidCentral is one of the best GPT info site.

Photo Selling – If you love photography or you are having friendship with camera then you can earn money online working at home. Here are many people who can be interested in your photo collection. Nowadays photos taken by you can reach out to people very easily, and can make you money. Many photo collection agencies like FotoLia, DreamsTime and ShutterStock tend to offer money in exchange for photos.

Researching For Others – If you cannot write, cannot design, cannot do coding then do not worry. If you believe in hard work and can fix few hours a week then you can do a simple research job for those who do not have time to do that. You can search for an opportunity in those organizations which do funding for research and conduct online investigations.

Support And Service -You can provide support and service to webmasters for managing their day to day task. There is a huge demand for webmaster support services and is increasing every day. But for this you should have a good knowledge of coding. Web content management system aka CMS Drupal or Joomla can be used to take offers. It would be much better if you offer services related to Joomla or Drupal after getting your own site published this way you can show your site to clients.

Transcription – It is the process of conversion of data from one medium to another. In medical transcription is to write oral statements made by medical experts or doctors. It includes history and physical reports, clinical notes, consultant notes, reports, letters, psychological tips etc. Medical transcription is a career that can easily be done from home. Companies hiring medical transcriptionists to work from home usually require experience and/or certification.

Virtual Assistant – Small companies need big help to run their organisation but people do not keep full time employees. You can do this work online. From a virtual assistant it is expected that they should handle their work responsibly like traditional secretary or assistant. Like making travel reservations. Managing accounts and bill for expenses incurred. You can do this work from home. You can talk to the client online or via phone. Your specialty will depend upon the number of clients you make.

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