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EBay has now become the premiere online auction site and has expanded its services for great money making potential to anyone with products to sell. Without realizing many people have thousands of dollars of unused items within their home and after breaking the fear of starting their own store are able to buy and re-sell products off of EBay for a significant profit or create niches to sell products obtained through wholesalers. Many EBay’ers have been successful selling homemade or custom made products through an EBay store. When going this route, you really need to provide a quality product or your ratings will prohibit you from making sales. For every transaction, the buyer and seller are allowed to provide a positive or negative rating on the other party, termed feedback.

Someone looking to make a serious living off of EBay needs to keep a near 100% positive feedback, or buyers will be hesitant to purchase your products. The sign up process and store creation is very simple and consists of step by step form pages, just fill out the info and get started selling. We are currently in the process of creating a Free EBay How To Guide for those who want more detailed information on making money with EBay.

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