Are your WordPress sites vunerable on Brute Force Attacks?

Why Hackers Target Smaller Sites

When it comes to active attacks, hackers tend to target sites that have a lot of traffic.When a hacker is manually selecting a site to attack, they want maximum exposure.That’s why Anonymous hacked the main Scientology website and Paypal.

That kind of action gets you into the news. But this new attack is different It’s an automated attack.  A computer botnet is seeking to create a server botnet. Basically they want to take over your server. And in that type of attack they want QUANTITY.The more servers they have under their control the better.

So smaller sites like yours are actually a JUICER target.Smaller sites have less security.  And each one has it’s own server and IP.Please don’t think that having a small site means you won’t get noticed.I don’t want your site hacked anymore than you do!

Take action today.

Secure your site:

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