Can Translators Make Money by Writing Articles?

make moneyDoes writing articles still make money?


Today a lot is written on how to make money

by writing articles, then publishing them online. I know some people doing this thing. They write a few articles a day and post them in specialized article directories and make money . So I decided to check how this works with one of the best article directories. I browsed through their expert authors module. I just could not believe my eyes – there is an expert who has written 13,908 articles! This sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

I thought, this guy should have been churning out at least 10 articles per day. Can this be achieved by an ordinary person with a standard level of perseverance and skill? I doubt it, honestly. Especially by a person who may have a good writing skill and a fair speed but also has other commitments to take care of as in the case with professional translators. The good news, however, is that you can be accepted as an expert with a much less number of posted articles. The minimum is 10 published articles. This fact gives ordinary people some hope to make money.

It is obvious that a lot of people and companies today are in need of fresh content in the form of articles. Articles are one of the forms of advertising. They attract traffic to a certain website. The more content a site has, including articles, the more traffic it will get, and the more sales it will make to make money.This is why articles are so popular and demand for them is on the rise.This is what most people know about writing articles. However, most people do not have even the slightest idea how to make money by writing articles.

Well, the simplest formula for an efficient use of articles is to post them online as samples of your services. This is an easy recipe for translators and interpreters to attract new customers.Everyone who hires you would want to see your style and results. This can be done very easily with a free blog.No need to bother with an website of your own or try to master complicated technical stuff. But even if you are successful in this and you end up with more clients, but you would still remain a translator or interpreter and not an article writer.

To make money with articles in a professional way you need something more. You should either find a way to sell your articles to make money or use them as a vehicle to sell some other products or services for cash. This is called “affiliate marketing” and is a totally different story. It is not very difficult. First, you have to join a few good affiliate programs to make money- 2 or 4 of them. Second, you must find relevant keywords for each product or service so you can make money. Third, you should start writing short but original articles based on the chosen set of keywords. A very important point though: you are not allowed to refer readers to your affiliate pages directly! The only choice is to use the resource box at the end of your articles and it must contain no more than 2 or 3 links (web addresses).This means you need to have either a website of your own or at least a free blog where to send readers to, if they show some interest, of course. From here on the name of the article writing game is simple: writing, writing and writing again. Experts recommend to post up to 30 articles per every affiliate product you advertise.Can you do this? I believe it is worth to try…to make money

Finally, let me only mention here yet another way to make money by writing articles. You might know about it – AdSense and similar, content based advertising. It is called “passive income”. You don’t have to sell anything here. Just join Google AdSense or another online advertising company. They will put up relevant advertising on your website or blog. However, it is up to you to attract traffic with the hope that people will click on ads shown in order for you to make money. Here comes your article tool: writing and publishing, writing and publishing and writing and publishing again. Just do not forget about your daily translation job too to make money.

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