Case study on Traffic Scam!

Ordering my US traffic package for 12$

I ordered some traffic from They promised on their website that it  is hundred percent human traffic so this means a person sees your website.  The offer was for $12 US 10,000 visitors. I  tried this offer and ordered 10 000 US Visitors to my website , about 24 hours later I got an email which told me my account was setup. They provide me with a link to the traffic generating dashboard website where I could log-in to my account from there I could control the traffic to my website. The site and niche I had to tell them when I made the order. So I checked on my stats programs the traffic was coming in but there were no any conversions  no any click on my AdSense ads I got in the first 12 hours about 500 views no any optin or AdSense conversion I do make some PPV campaigns for the same  website ( ) it’s a CPA offer with a optin popup there are also some AdSense ads. I have  campaigns on LeadImpact where the landing page is the same and I get about 25 options for 200 visitors with PPV.I didn’t get any conversions or optins nor AdSense clicks with maxvisit’s traffic . So I started to investigate

The traffic conversion results

I checked my stats on my websites, I checked my tracking programs, I checked the stats in my  cPanel AWS-stats they all showed me there is traffic coming in. However, the traffic doesn’t stay there longer than 15 seconds. So I thought there must be something wrong and I redirected the traffic on the exit from the website I gave them, to another url of mine. In this case, I could see from where the visitor was coming from. This way I learned the referrer’s url  it was which was a Iframe page website which displays every 15 seconds an other websites it changes the url to a new one no matter if you click in the website or not after about 11 seconds the website changes any way.

Here is the source code for this website:

<meta http-equiv=”pragma” content=”no-cache”>


<script language=”JavaScript”>
<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”11″ />

<FRAME NAME=”topframe” SRC=”template/top.html” NORESIZE>
<FRAME NAME=”siteframe” ID=”siteframe”  SRC=”” NORESIZE target=”_blank”>
<script language=”JavaScript”>
siteframe.src = siteframe.src;

How did they refund me ?

I contacted them by email. They answered me  your website doesn’t convert  because your content is bad  you must put other content in your website it will convert I asked for a refund . About 24 hours later I got a reply and  they explained me that I put a Trojan on my website and this is is against their TOS policy so they canceled my campaign and said  we will not refund you. (I have to say; as I saw there where no conversions on my site  I installed  a banner-ad generated by Traffic Revenue which pays me $3.42 per thousand impressions of their banners so I could get back my money As  I still received some traffic from In the banner-ad from Traffic Revenue was a Trojan what I did not know. )

After all my findings….

I can sincerely tell you that any traffic from them is not human traffic, as no human will stay only 15 seconds on your website and go away don’t waste your money on this traffic-generating website.

The good on this kind of traffic offer

There’s only one good use that you can profit from if you want to sell your website you can order thousands of fake traffic from them and  this useless traffic with different Ip’s to your website will show to a future buyer that there is some traffic on this url. You will be able to show some real stats when you sell your website. This is the only thing I can see positive and helpful in this case I truly recommend you not to use this traffic-generating website.

So I learned  the following: Don’t trust a offer that is to good to be true. Check in forums to know more about the advertiser and his products.



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