How To Make Money With A Domain Name Without Building A Website

The other day I was surfing on yahoo answers using domain name as my keyword, you see I was trying to see if I could be of any help to someone with a question that needed answers.

Then I stumbled on this one question posed by one of the yahoo users and that one question got me thinking. This guy wanted someone to recommend a site that would enable him to register 80 domain names in the most convenient and cheapest way possible.

And there I was wondering why on earth would someone register 80 domain names and how was he going to build all those web sites? Banking on my own experience, managing one web site has been a constant headache trying one technique after another here and there trying to win the search engines rankings. I multiplied my one site’s headaches by 80 and I sat there thinking, men! This guy must be up to something.

Not wanting not to be left behind, a few calls to a few friends coupled with a quick search on the internet revealed that there are folks out there who are actually making money using their parked domain names by basically doing nothing if anything at all.

First things first; Just in case you are still lost, the term “domain parking” is the technical term that is used to refer to the lapse of duration between the time one register a given name to the time they actually get to use that name like setting up a website. During that time it’s most likely that domain will be sitting and laying somewhere gathering dust.

So how is someone going to make money with just a dormant name without having to build a website and deal with the constant headaches and nightmares of trying to get their sites listed to the top of the search engines results and to that effect, where will their traffic be coming from?

Now I will save you the trouble and time of trying to figure that out. There are three main ways that a parked domain name generates its own traffic:

  1. An expired domain name that had an established traffic before.
  2. The name you have parked is a typo for a common established site.
  3. The name has a keyword that can generate a typed traffic on its own.

Okay, suppose your parked domain has one or all of these characteristics, how are you going to go about monetizing from that domain? Simple! There are many companies out there on the web that are willing to pay you if you agree to redirect your traffic being generated by your parked domain to another landing page that will be provide to you by these companies.

That landing page will then have links that have been optimized with respect to the keywords in your domain name. If any of those visitors click on any of those links you get paid. (Of course do not think that those links are from Google AdSense. Remember it’s a landing page without any content)

How much you will earn will depend on how many visitors your domain name is generating coupled with the number of visitors that will actually click on the links on that landing page. One last thing, do not start dreaming of making millions out of this but hey this is a parked domain that is laying there waiting for you to make your next move. Right now it’s just sitting and laying there gathering dust.

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