I Need Traffic, So What Do I Do?

If you have put in the time and effort into creating your product you will need to make sure that you maximize your efforts online by making sure that you are getting traffic to your offer.

Getting traffic is one of the things that beginner’s leave to last because they a) find it easy to work on their website and get from basic HTML done or b) have already tried to do a few things but saw little or no effects and gave up.

What you need to understand is that there are many traffic generation strategies out there at the moment that can help you get those valuable customers to your site but few are more powerful then constructing articles on Web 2.0 social networks like Squidoo!

The great thing about Web 2.0 properties like Squidoo, Hub Pages etc is that they already have a high pr ranking with Google so it’s easy for you to get on the front page of Google for whatever keywords you are trying to rank for.

Getting your Squidoo lens seen online starts with doing the right keyword research and finding a main keyword and associated or lsi keywords to rank for. I usually check on Google and see if there is a squidoo lens ranking there already on the front page as I believe Google likes variety and is more likely to rank your lens on the front page is there is not one there already.

I would also put the keyword you want to rank for in quotes and scroll right to the end to get the true number of competition pages for those keywords. You can place your main and LSI keywords in the keyword section while you are constructing your lens to maximize the chance of it being seen online. To give your lens extra juice with Google you should use pingoat to ping it when finished and you should also social bookmark the lens.

These steps above will give you a good grounding in how to get started with your Squidoo lenses but if you want to save yourself time and money and you want to avoid the mistakes that most marketers make then there’s a full video course entirely dedicated to this subject to help you.

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