My Zamurai List Builder Review

Zamurai List Builder is a WP-Plugin that builds List on automaticaly once installed and set up.

How I know it is a good Plugin ?

Well I also  get many  of those emails where they promised the earth and the moon in the same package for free you know what I’m speaking about. There are too many every day but there was one which got my attention it had the subject:

Ugly 24 Year old dude Rakes in 100 Optins a week on Autopilot with 1 Tiny Software.

So I go and watched the video they told me to watch and I was quiet impressed I dont want to say I was bumped like hell. So I bought it right a way for 17$

I wanted to try it out as soon as possible as I have trouble to build my lists it does not mean I don to have a list but it is so time and money consuming and in the end to spend hundreds of dollars and waste countless hours to get  list of 200 to 300 subscribers which you can mail every week once  so they don’t unsubscribe to fast you know what I mean huhhh……

So I installed it on one of my sites to test it out to see if it is working or only a money sucking internet guru product.

The installation goes flawless as described in the sales copy the set up was even more easy as I thought.

I waited till next day to see if there is a subscriber or not and guess what; there was one… no there was 2 in fact so less than 24 hours after I installed this plugin I already had my 2 subscribers how many I will get in a week I hope it will be 100’s I will tell you later.

So all I can say about this WP-Plugin Zamurai List Builder is:


So if you would like to try it out by yourself click on the link here Zamurai List Builder

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