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If you’ve bought any of my products before you’ll know that I place a lot of emphasis on my affiliate programs.

Sometimes I do get lazy and place a ‘coming soon’ on the affiliate page but either way when I do create one, I provide my affiliates with as many tools possible to make sure they start promoting that very same day.

And out of all the tools I provide, the most important one is giving them the ability to rebrand a PDF.


Rebranding PDFs is quick and easy to do They’re easy to share and get passed around They cost little or nothing to create They can pre-sell the reader They’re a great way to get free traffic You affiliates don’t have to edit everything manually and recompile the report They’re a viral promoters, especially if it’s valuable, controversial or entertaining!

and finally…

They bring you SALES!

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You see, unlike an article, or an email, or an animated banner, eBooks and reports allow you to show who you really as a business and what you can provide.

Your report could be a tutorial on how to use of software… a review of a product you bought… a mind-map or blueprint to a problem… or even just a short snippet of the original product.

Either way, they are designed for the reader to check out where that report came from so they can visit your website without being pushed into a sale. It’s a great way to pre-sell potential customers whilst making your affiliates look good and making their lives easier.

Put simply making your PDFs BRANDABLE works. I use them everywhere I can and let my affiliates do the selling for me.

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