SEO And Unique Content Is Dead

Have a blog and make money today is an easy task as long

Blog Curation

as you follow the market and apply the changes with SEO, Backlinking, fresh content, make social media daily updates this is very easy and takes no time at all and you will make fast money.

Hmm not quiet the way it works today anymore with the changes Google is applying to make his search experiences more accurate. It is more and more difficult to stay on top of the first page on Google .Today you are on top and tomorrow you are on page 456 and nobody finds you.

There is a solution where Google will love you and put you on the 1st page every time you post an article. Even if your SEO skills are zero and your content is not unique…

You ask your self now…

What you say ? I work my ass off and don’t get the results I want. How can I ever make money on the internet?

The answer is relatively easy as long as you are willing to work about 1 hour a day you will get all the things you wanted like Google page one. So what is it finally?

It’s Curation!

Yes Curation is the way to go today to get all that Google love you wanted no back-linking no unique content simply copy from other websites add several quotes and link back to the source and Google will love you.

You can do this manually or you can use a program to do so I for my part try several Programs they are all working well but there is one which is particularly inexpensive and quiet easy to use.

Content Curator Pro by John Pearce and Hugh J.Hitchcock.
The interface is very easy to use an the videos are very well done they will guide you in the right direction. When it comes to support I never found a faster response than this normaly they get back in less than 2 hours no matter if it is 9:00pm or 2:00amĀ  in the morning I don’t know if they ever sleep… so if you want to try this inexpensive software(around 10$) check it out here.

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