Solo Ads are Good Ways to Make Money case study

Hi, everyone as you know a few days ago I started the new coaching program from Russel Brunson’s  DotComSecretsX where he offers  30 days day by day video coaching a real good program for only 1$ which he gave to charity. In the beginning I followed all he steps and he said the money is in the list yea… he is right I know but I don’t have a list so he showed me how to build one I tried many traffic generating resources free mailing lists like safe-list and solo ads from known Internet Marketers (quiet expensive; but working)

So yesterday I fund a solo ads website which is not so expensive and gets results very decent I got over 30 optins from 1 solo ad mail. I can only recommend it to you it is not so expensive and he send out a mail to 10 000 e-mail addresses in the internet marketing niche.

You can, if you are interested in this kind of marketing , try it out here 20dollar solo ads


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