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Review of the IPVanish VPN Software

First installation was easy we found the software package right on the home-page download was very fast also the installation process was easy and fast.

Then we fired up the software there are many server locations to choose from around the world  like : London ,Bangkok, Los Angeles, Australia etc.

For our test we choose London there where 3 servers available we did choose the first one and after it connected and asked our user and password it took several seconds and we where connected .

The speed was amazing and no any site was refused nor we  got an error page or had long waiting times

Facit: We can only recommend this Fast and reliable VPN service checkout their low prices here      visit


IPVanish VPN Company Info

IPVanish VPN entered the industry in early 2012 with a 15-year background in network management, IP and content delivery services and the explicit goal of delivering the best VPN speeds, most secure connections, best technical support and the most competitive pricing on the planet.

Since our inception, we have more than doubled our VPN global presence making us the fastest-growing tier-1 VPN provider in the world. Our current offering of global server locations, our custom VPN software and our dedicated support staff available 24-7, 365 days a year demonstrates our commitment to excellence.

Our team works around the clock with one goal in mind – customer satisfaction. We know that superior price and product alone are not what makes a successful business, but providing customers with an unbeatable level of customer service and technical support.

We are truly a global company with offices in North America and Europe. We recognize the complexities of international Internet use, and today’s necessity to maintain online privacy. IPVanish VPN secures your connection by putting you in control of your IP address which in turn: protects your online identity and data, blocks unwanted marketing, provides a virtual firewall, bypasses Internet censorship restrictions and more.

Because of our expertise in the content delivery space, we know how to move vast quantities of information cost-effectively and we bring that savings to you. If you are currently with another VPN provider, we invite you to try IPVanish today with a 7-day money back guarantee.

We know you’ll enjoy features like unlimited server switching and bandwidth, and high-speed connections with the fastest tier-1 VPN network in the world but you don’t have to take our word for it; here of some of the reviews we’ve received:

IPVanish Scores 1st Place in Speed Comparison

Best VPN Service 2013

IPVanish Comparable to Long-Standing Industry Leader

Ranked Fastest VPN in the US

For best anonymity use a VPN service like this one. It is also great to use for sites that where restricted from your country. Surf Limitless and anony with this VPN software solution.


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