UPDATE: Maxvisits.com Traffic Scam!

After finding out that no human traffic stays on my websites. And after I contacted them they answered in a matter that was not very pleased they asked me to take down my post on my blog and only then they will refund me for the not used part of the package.

I did not react and waited the outcome on my paypal claim.

Then The account manager contacted me by email and excuses him for his worker , he told me I will get the full refund and he confirmed me that it is human traffic that his company send to me. He also explained that only after 5000 clicks I would be able to see some reults. So I offered him to do this test and if it gives some results (eg: clicks on my adsense or clicks on my links) than I will pay him the double and order more traffic….

He never replied to me to proof he was right till today. The refund was made 1 day after I got the email from the account manager.

I lost 50.00$ in commissions as I sent the traffic to a dating website wich in return pays per signup. The traffic has to convert at 4% to get paid. But with this kind of traffic which did not convert a single one I lost my already achieved commissions for the month of February 2013.

So my suggestion to you dont use maxvisits.com for your traffic purposes or test it on a risk-less website.

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